Virtual Chemistry Experiments

Virtual Chemistry Experiments are a collection of interative web-based chemistry tutorials. The current generation of tutorials (currently in development) are based upon HTML5 and run on most modern web browsers.

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Gases, Liquids and Solids

Java-Based Virtual Chemistry Experiments

The original tutorials employ Physlets and Chemistry Applets to simulate experiments or depict molecular and atomic structure. The guiding concept is to involve the read in making observations and acquiring data, and then using this information to draw conclusions and infer chemical principles.

The interactive content is made possible through the use of Java. Exercises dealing with molecular and electronic structure also employ Java3D. Consult the FAQ for additional information and for conditions of use.

Java Security Settings:
      This web page employs Java, which requires specific security settings for correct operation.
      If the applets on this page do not run correctly, consult the Virtual Chemistry Experiments FAQ
      or the Physlet Physics web site for establishing the correct security settings.

Atomic Structure

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Equilibria

Chemical Kinetics

Coordination Chemistry

Crystal Structure


Phase Changes


If you encounter any bugs or technical problems, please send me the details, including how to reproduce the problem. In addition, I am eager for any ideas for new applets or improvements for existing applets.
David N. Blauch