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Browser Compatibility

FireFox Versions 52 and later no longer support the Java plug-in. Virtual Chemistry Experiments cannot be run on Firefox if the version number is 52 or higher.

Chrome Versions 45 and later no longer support NPAPI, which is required for the Java plug-in to function. Virtual Chemistry Experiments cannot be run on Chrome if the version number is 45 or higher.

Virtual Chemistry Experiments can be run on Internet Explorer up to Version 11.

Java Security Settings

The Virtual Chemistry Experiments employ Java. Correct operation of Java in the web browser requires careful attention to the following issues.

For more information on security settings, especially as regards Physlets and configuring Java on a Mac, please see the Physlet Physics web site.

Contact Information

The chemistry applets and Virtual Chemistry Experiments web pages were written by David N. Blauch. If you encounter any bugs or technical problems, please send me the following information:

I am always eager for new ideas for chemistry applets or web pages and would appreciates any suggestions. Thanks.

Documentation for the chemistry applets is provided for individuals wishing to write their own web pages.

System Requirements and Settings

The current version of the chemistry applets and Virtual Chemistry web pages requires a web browser and the Java plug-in (version 1.5 or later is required). The Java plug-in is part of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You may check whether Java is installed correctly by visiting the Test Your Java Version page on the Sun web site. In addition to testing the Java installation, you will obtain information on the installed version of Java.

The virtual chemistry web pages displaying three-dimensional content also require Java3D (version 1.5 or later). See the Java3D section below for important information regarding the use of this software.


Virtual Chemistry Experiments providing 3D content employ Java3D.
Java3D may be downloaded the Java3D web site.

Known Issues


Physlets (Physics Applets) are small flexible Java applets designed for science education. Data Connections is a component of Physlets that permits inter-applet exchange of data and is used in many of the chemistry applets listed below. For more information on Physlets, to obtain the archives and documentation, and to read the Conditions of Use, visit the Physlet home page. A good introduction to Physlets technology is the Physlets book by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni.

Conditions of Use

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