Dr. Nutt's CHE 115 Course

Delocalized Pi Molecular Orbital

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Lecture Notes
Web Experiments
Examples and Illustrations
Linear Regression
Computational Laboratory Experiment

Lecture Notes, Problem-Solving Strategy

  • Lecture Notes

  • I. Stoichiometry
  • II. Gaseous State
  • III. Thermochemistry
  • IV. Chemical Equilibrium
  • V. Structure of the Atom
  • VI. Treatment of Analytical Data
  • VII. Spectrophotometry
  • VIII. Gravimetric Analysis
  • IX. Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding
  • X. Solid and Liquid States
  • XI. Solutions of Nonelectrolytes
  • XII. Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions
  • XIII. Chemical Kinetics

  • A General Problem-Solving Strategy for Chemistry

  • Web Experiments

  • Experiment: Stoichiometry

  • Experiment: Stoichiometry II

  • Experiment: ICF Table

  • Experiment: Stoichiometry III

  • Experiment: Ideal Gas

  • Experiment: Heat and Pressure-Volume Work

  • Experiment: Thermochemistry

  • Experiment: Thermochemistry II

  • Experiment: Bomb Calorimetry

  • Experiment: Chemical Equilibrium

  • Experiment: Chemical Equilibrium II

  • Experiment: Particle in a One-Dimensional Box

  • Experiment: Radial Distribution Function

  • Effective Nuclear Charge Calculator

  • Experiment: Contour Plots for Atomic Orbitals

  • Experiment: Spectrophotometry

  • Experiment: Contour Plots for Molecular Orbitals

  • Experiment: Orbital Representation

  • Experiment: Molecular Structure

  • Experiment: Phase Change

  • Experiment: Plots of Partial Vapor Pressures

  • Experiment: Acids and Bases

  • Experiment: Chemical Kinetics

  • Experiment: Chemical Kinetics II

  • Plot of Potential Energy versus Reaction Coordinate for the Hydroboration of Ethylene

  • A Possible Two-Step Reaction Mechanism for the Formation of Diamminedihydroboron Tetrahydroborate from Ammonia and Diborane

  • Examples and Illustrations

  • A Cyclic Process

  • Dinitrogen Trioxide

  • Construction of a Graphical Representation of the function f(q) = (10)cos(q)

  • Boundary Surfaces of Atomic Orbitals for Phosphorus

  • Graphical Representation of an Atomic Orbital

  • Molecular Geometry and Polarity

  • Shapes of Isodensity Surfaces

  • LCA0-MO Energy Level Diagram for H2O

  • Ideal Solution and Raoult's Law

  • Electrostatic Potentials Mapped on an Isodensity Surface

  • Animation of Reaction Coordinate for Cycloaddition of Dichlorocarbene to Ethylene

  • Integrated Rate Laws

  • Spectrophotometry II and Linear Regression

  • Spectrophotometry II

  • Linear Regression

  • Excel Handout Tutorial

  • Computational Laboratory Experiment

  • Modeling Elementary Reactions: Pre-Lab Lecture Notes

  • Modeling Elementary Reactions

  • Relative Enthalpies of the Anti, Skew, Gauche, and Eclipsed Conformers of n-Butane

  • Tutorial for the Construction, Optimizaton and Calculation of Vibrational Frequencies and Standard Thermodynamic Quantities of the Gauche Conformation of n-Butane

  • Data

  • Covalent Radius, Ionization Energy, Electron Affinity

  • Electronegativity

  • Table of Selected Thermodynamic Data

  • Chemistry Homepage