Le Chatelier's Principle

The applet below illustrates Le Chatelier's principle. The steam reforming reaction in coal gasification is used as an example.

C (s) + H2O (g) H2 (g) + CO (g)

This reaction is endothermic; the standard enthalpy of reaction is 131 kJ/mole at 298 K.

The applet allows the user to specify the initial amounts of carbon, water vapor, hydrogen gas, and carbon monoxide as well as the system temperature and volume.

For a given set of conditions, the applet will calculate the equilibrium solution for the system. The equilibrium concentrations and number of moles are displayed. A bar is also used to graphically display these values. The red bar represents the amount (moles) of the component, and the blue bar represents the equilibrium concentration of the component. The red bar (amount) uses a linear scale, whereas the blue bar (concentration) used a logarithmic scale.

The equilibrium solution is updated immediately for each change in initial conditions. This behavior allows one to readily see how a change in conditions produces changes in the final equilibrium state.

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