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Uses of Atom in showMol

Methods in showMol that return Atom
 Atom Molecule.getAtom(int idx)
          Provides the indicated atom
 Atom[] MoleculeLoader.getAtoms()
          Provides an array containing the Atom objects for this molecule.

Methods in showMol that return types with arguments of type Atom
 java.util.Vector<Atom> MoleculeLoader.getAtomVector()
          Provides a Vector containing the Atom objects

Methods in showMol with parameters of type Atom
 void Wire.addBond(Atom a)
          Adds a wire from the central atom (defined in the constructor) to the specified atom.

Method parameters in showMol with type arguments of type Atom
static void MoleculeLoader.createBonds(java.util.Vector<Atom> a, java.util.Vector<Bond> b, java.util.Vector<Wire> w)
          Creates Bonds for the a set of atoms based upon proximity.

Constructors in showMol with parameters of type Atom
Bond(Atom a1, Atom a2)
          Creates a bond between two atoms.
Wire(Atom a)
          Constructs wires framework centered at the specified atom.