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Uses of WaveFunction in edu.davidson.chm.waveFunction

Subclasses of WaveFunction in edu.davidson.chm.waveFunction
 class Gaussian
          Defines a Gaussian Basis Function
 class HybridWaveFunction
          Title: HybridWaveFunction
 class HydrogenicWaveFunction
          WaveFunction Class describes the Wave Function for a Hydrogen-Like Atom/Ion
 class Orbital_2px
          Defines the hydrogenic 2px orbital
 class Orbital_2py
 class Orbital_3dx2_y2
 class Orbital_3dxy
 class Orbital_3dxz
 class Orbital_3dyz
 class Orbital_3px
 class Orbital_3py
 class Orbital_4dx2_y2
 class Orbital_4dxy
 class Orbital_4dxz
 class Orbital_4dyz
 class Orbital_4f5xz2_xr2
 class Orbital_4f5yz2_yr2
 class Orbital_4f5z3_3zr2
 class Orbital_4fx3_3xy2
 class Orbital_4fxyz
 class Orbital_4fy3_3yx2
 class Orbital_4fzx2_zy2
 class Orbital_4px
 class Orbital_4py
 class Orbital_d2sp3
 class Orbital_dsp2
 class Orbital_dsp3ax
 class Orbital_dsp3eq
 class Orbital_sp
 class Orbital_sp2
 class Orbital_sp3

Methods in edu.davidson.chm.waveFunction with parameters of type WaveFunction
 void HybridWaveFunction.addWaveFunction(WaveFunction _waveFunction, double _coefReal, double _coefImag)
          Adds a wave function to the hybrid wave function.

Constructors in edu.davidson.chm.waveFunction with parameters of type WaveFunction
HybridWaveFunction(WaveFunction _waveFunction, double _coefReal, double _coefImag)
          Constructs a new HybridWaveFunction object using the user-supplied HydrogenicWaveFunction and coefficient.

Uses of WaveFunction in electronDensity

Methods in electronDensity with parameters of type WaveFunction
 void ElectronDensity.addWaveFunction(WaveFunction _waveFunction, double _coefReal, double _coefImag)
          Adds a new wave function to the collection of wave functions used to construct the hybrid orbital.
 void ElectronDensity.setWaveFunction(WaveFunction _waveFunction, double _coefReal, double _coefImag)
          Creates a new hybrid wave function using the user-supplied wave function.