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Uses of Reaction in edu.davidson.chm.equilibria

Fields in edu.davidson.chm.equilibria declared as Reaction
protected  Reaction Solution.autodissociation

Methods in edu.davidson.chm.equilibria that return Reaction
 Reaction ChemSystem.addReaction(java.lang.String _rxn, java.lang.String _label, double _K)
          Creates a new reaction and adds the reaction to the chemical system The reaction is described by a string in the conventional chemical notation.
 Reaction Reaction.copyOf(ChemSystem _chemSystem)
          Returns a copy of the Reaction.
 Reaction Solution.getAutodissociation()
          Returns the autodissociation reaction for this solution, if the solvent is protic.
 Reaction ChemSystem.getReaction(int _index)
          Returns the reaction at the requested index
 Reaction ChemSystem.getReaction(java.lang.String _label)
          Returns the reaction with the indicated label
 Reaction[] ChemSystem.getReactions()
          Returns an array of the reactions in the system

Methods in edu.davidson.chm.equilibria with parameters of type Reaction
 void Titration.addReaction(Reaction _rxn)
          Adds a reaction to the collection of reactions whose equilibrium constants are to be determined by the curve-fitting procedure.
 void ChemSystem.addReaction(Reaction _reaction)
          Adds an existing reaction to the chemical system
 boolean Reaction.isEquivalent(Reaction _rxn)
          Returns true if all ChemSpecies and stoichiometric coefficients and the equilibrium constant of the user-supplied Reaction are the same as this Reaction.
 boolean ChemSystem.removeReaction(Reaction _reaction)
          Removes the reaction from the chemical system.