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Titration of an Unknown Acid or Base

The applet below simulates the titration of an unknown acid or base.

To set-up the titration, the user must As soon as a valid mass and volume are provided, the pH of the solution will be shown. Once the titration is started (by adding titrant), the titration conditions cannot be altered.

Titrant may be added by selecting the "Add Titrant" button. The volume of titrant added may be chosen from the list below the button. As in a laboratory experiment, one must periodically record data in a laboratory notebook. By selecting the "Record Point" button, the current volume of titrant added and solution pH are entered in the electronic notebook at the right of the applet and the data point is plotted on the titration curve.

There are several restrictions in this titration:

The possible unknown compounds are taken from the list of amino acids in the table shown below. You should be able to unambiguously identify the unknown compound and to determine the acid dissociation constant(s) from the titration data. (Each time the applet is loaded, the list of unknowns is scrambled.) When you think you have identified the unknown and determined the acid dissociation constant(s), select the "Show Unknown" button to check your conclusions.

Compound Name  Formula Weight  pKa 
Alanine Hydrochloride 125.556 2.34
Glycine Hydrochloride 111.53 2.350
Glutamic Acid, Disodium Salt 191.09 2.23
Leucine, Potassium Salt 169.27 2.329
Lysine Dihydrochloride 219.11 2.18
Phenylalanine Hydrochloride 210.65 2.20
Tyrosine Hydrochloride 217.65 2.20

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