The applet below simulates a calorimetry experiment.

The experiment envisions a calorimeter containing a certain volume of liquid. A certain mass of pure solute is sealed in a thin glass ampule and placed in the calorimeter. (The pure solutes are solids or liquids.) The experiment is initiated by breaking the ampule, thereby allowing the solute to react with the liquid.

The possible liquids are:
The possible solutes are:
The calorimeter is also fitted with an electrical heating element. Instead of supplying a solute, the user may opt to use the heater. The heater power (in watts) and heating time (in seconds) must be specified.

To use the applet, the user should select a set of experimental conditions and click on the SETUP EXPT. button. The calorimeter will be charged with the appropriate reagents and allowed to equilibrate. The thermometer at the bottom of the applet will display the initial temperature in oC. The experiment is started by clicking on the START EXPT. button. As the reaction proceeds, heat will be released or consumed and the temperature of the system will change accordingly. When the final equilibrium has been achieved, the final temperature in oC may be read from the thermometer. To begin a new experiment, click on the RESET EXPT. button.

The following quantities can be determined:

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