Mass Spectrometry

The applet below computes high resolution molecular masses and isotope peak abundances for ions. The applet also generates a Beynon table for a given mass number. The chemical formulas included in the table have the correct mass and have a degree of unsaturation greater than -1. No other criteria are used; consequently, some implausible molecules (e.g., N5) are sometimes listed.

Applet Name: beynon.class
Archive: beynon.jar
Version: 0.5 (May 2002)

The beynon.class applet was written by David N. Blauch (© Copyright 1999-2002).
Conditions of Use

The javax.swing classes are employed in this applet. Older browsers with outdated Java libraries may not provide the required classes (Netscape Navigator 4.77 suffers this problem). The applet loads and runs correctly under Netscape Communicator 6.2 and Internet Explorer 5.5. If your browser gives a "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" error, try downloading and installing the Java Plug-in.

This applet is still under development; additional refinements will be forthcoming. Known problems and the revision history are listed at the bottom of this page. Please send feedback on performance and information on problems to David N. Blauch.

Future Improvements

Version 0.5 (May 2002)

Version 0.4 (April 1999)

Version 0.3

Version 0.2

This applet requires a Java-enabled browser that supports JDK 1.2. For older browsers, install the Java Plug-in.

Recommended APPLET settings:

  CODE     = "beynon.Beynon.class"
  ARCHIVE  = "beynon.jar"
  NAME     = "Beynon Table"
  WIDTH    = 600
  HEIGHT   = 400

Please let me know how you like this applet. If you encounter any bugs or errors, please provide me with the specific details. I would also appreciate any suggestions for improvements.

David N. Blauch;

© David N. Blauch, 1999-2002